Friday, June 17, 2011

The Arch (track 6)

Eero Saarinen's greatest achievement is the St Louis Arch, completed in 1965, though Saarinen never saw it - he died in 1961.

When we lived in St Louis, we visited the Arch numerous times. The best part was simply touching it.

The Arch Cover Art

My song is a love song for my wife. (Although it begins with me yelling out the architect's name.) It's quite noisy and it might be hard to listen to - especially on small speakers - but the sentiments are as straightforward as I could make them:

'That's where my mind grew sharp
That's where my heart grew up
That's where we met
That's where we meant it
Pushing our hands into the steel
Above our heads.'

On Ashleigh Young's excellent blog she's reproduced a lovely list by Eero Saarinen dedicated to his wife:

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